Mar 13, 2010

To validate or not to validate... that is the question!

Secure development guidance preaches that all input should be validated for length, format, type, and value as appropriate. Typically, guidance stretches along the lines of validate all input that your code takes and validate accordingly. A few years ago there was a similar belief that input validation can stop cross-site scripting. Although this is partially true, full remediation of cross-site scripting is achieved by properly encoding the input data according to the context in which it is later outputted.

So here comes my question, in order to validate input properly, isn't it better to have the validation to be performed by the code that will act on it as opposed to having the validation at the trust boundary of the overall app? Example: Component1 uses Component2 for backend logic. If Component1 only passes the data straight through to Component2, my belief is that Component1 should leave the input validation to Component2. Thoughts?

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