Apr 18, 2009

When is enough really enough?

Marketing. It's a vital part in any business. It's the process of identifying your target customers, establishing your prices, and engaging your potential customers. It's a process where the core objective is to gain more attention, retain that attention, and turn that attention into profits. However, enough with the good side of marketing. As good as it can be, marketing can bring a lot of evil to an organization. Just think about the discrepancies between a product's advertisement and what that product really is, but most of all think about how the marketing efforts could act as a Trojan horse within your business model. What do I mean by this? Assume that you have a product or service that is trying to find its place on the market. Assume that you entitle your marketing team to promote your product or service by any means, including giving away free copies/access to your entire product or service. Assume that your marketing efforts are less secure than the security standards set within your organization. Assume that a copy of your product or an account to your service leaks out... that's right, your business model has been compromised.

A few years ago, a friend of mine was able to get free pre-release copies of upcoming Hollywood titles. The copies that we watched were marketing material that was distributed to video store owners. If a video then was compromised, something like this might have happened.

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