Jan 12, 2009

Editing the language in Moodle

One of the nice sides of Moodle is to support a variety of languages (Bulgarian included). However, when it comes to deploying Moodle, it is time to choose the appropriate way of presenting information; thus, customizing the language is a must.

Here are a few small observations that might help in such task:

  1. The default language pack for Moodle is located in <moodle root>/lang/en_utf_8. If you want your edits to be effective across different language packs, here is where you need to touch.

  2. Each language pack is dumped into <moodle data>/lang. Any edits for a particular language pack must happen here.

  3. Here is where it gets tricky: language specified in <moodle data>/lang has higher precedence than <moodle root>/lang. What this means is that if you edit a string in <moodle root>/lang, but you don't edit/remove the same string in <moodle data>/lang, then the string from <moodle data>/lang will be displayed to the user.

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