Oct 21, 2008

gt: Adding the map

There is a new release of the gt project available (demo here). The changes in this release are:

  • Fixed table bug in IE. Silly me, I forgot to append the tbody element to the table before appending the tr and td elements.

  • Updated mouse pointers. Finally took care of the annoying bit with having the typewriter beam appear above clickable areas.

  • Added a details page for each person in the tree. This page will contain all detailed information about the person (from name, to description about the lad, to where he/she has lived, to *possibly* year of birth).

  • Added Google Maps to the mix. The "where he/she has lived" bit from the previous point refers to exactly this. Since day 1 there was the idea of having the ability specify the geographical locations of each place where a person has lived. These locations are specified through the location tag in the XML file.

Disclaimer: The demo might not work properly in Google Chrome due to Chrome's inability to read the XML file. This issue, however, does not exist when the application is accessed locally.

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