Mar 24, 2008

Marketing Psychology...

...or just another way to obtain another person's personal information?

Recently I (and probably many more Facebook users) received an invitation to take part in the Psychology Marketing Project in Facebook. The project itself is just another group in which people are asked to join and invite others. So far good, we've seen this in the past.

However, there is a bit of social engineering involved in the steps for participating in this project. If you carefully read the description, you'd notice that users are asked to add the creator as a "friend". Although Facebook allows users to limit the amount of personal information that their contacts can see, it is reasonable to believe that many users have not properly set their privacy settings accordingly. Therefore, by adding the so called "marketing student" as a contact, users allow the creator of this "project" to access their personal information, which then can be used for additional "marketing" purposes.

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