May 15, 2007

Botnet Wars

/. published yesterday an article about botnet turf wars. Interesting read I must say; however, these sort of news are a few years old (for the curious, there was a Netsky vs MyDoom tagging back in 2004). Botnets have been around for a few years. Are they good? No. Aside from providing a sweet platform for distributed computing, they are usually employed in malicious activities that could have a really high damage impact on the Internet community (remember MyDoom.O). Given the underground demand for online fraud and spam, botnet tags can go up pretty high. Past research led me to finding a per hour "rent" for a botnet... it was in the hundreds of USD; not bad for the comrades in Russia, who were running it. Luckily for us, so far botnets have not been used to their full potential to target e-commerce. Alas, this day will come eventually.

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