Nov 19, 2007

Lessons Learned: Train Travel

This past weekend Alis and I decided to take a trip to London. Because we made this decision a few days earlier, we decided to take the Eurostar instead of flying. Good choice... the train leaves from Bruxelles, so we have time to buy some Belgian chocolate. Because the Eurostar was departing at 12pm, we had to make sure to leave Amsterdam early enough so that we're at Bruxelles-Midi by 11.30am. We barely made it, but it's important that we made it (yep, tickets were non-refundable)! This produced the following lessons learned:

1. Never trust public transport. If you think you'll save time by taking the bus (especially at 6am on a Saturday morning), no you won't!
2. Run! :)
3. Don't trust the railways too much either. Give yourself enough time in case your connection train stops in the middle of the highway 3 minutes before your next train departs from the next station.
4. Pray that your next train has a 10-15 minute delay.
5. Double check the departure times for your connections. It might save you some nerve-wrecking situations. :)

P.S. - Schiphol is under construction for 3 of their platforms, so that's why points 3 and 4 occurred.

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