Apr 7, 2007

Entering the world of Google Apps

Last week I began exploring the applications that Google makes available to its users. If you like the services offered by Google, you'd really get a kick of Google Apps. I think at this point Google's efforts to introduce the web office into Web 2.0 have really paid off. r-n-d.org is an example of how different Google applications (calendar, mail, documents, blogs) can be fit together into a single domain and allow its users to do their work without the worries of installing software. As Roussi said about 2 yrs ago, Google's vision is to allow the user to be independent of their computers -- just grab a browser and go to work. Of course, this will have some security implications, but it also will be very useful for open community projects and small businesses.

As final words, I'd like to share a video that Ady sent a few weeks ago. Enjoy!

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